• Planes, Trains & Automobiles – Why Transport Matters to You.

    An international summit reveals why it’s time we started taking transport seriously. The evening flight from Leipzig to London was supposed to be an hour and forty minutes, but it felt longer. Maybe tiredness, the two-hour delay and the bad-tempered...

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  • Why Looking Ahead Means Looking Back

    The first few months of 2018 have gone by with unseemly haste although that hasn’t stopped me looking back on my memories of 2017. You might ask if there’s any point to this exercise to which I say that the only way I can gauge how well or how badly...

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  • CASE STUDY: The Value of Preparation

    I enjoy radio both as a listener and as someone who has spent time working in the medium. When I graduated from university in 1982 I managed to get a place at the London College of Printing, (now the London College of Communication), where I trained as a radio...

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