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Book Reviews

I provide professional reviewing services for leading publishers and imprints, covering consumer and professional titles. I can also review non-fiction manuscripts for authors looking to self-publish or prior to submission to a publisher.

For more details, including submission guidelines and fees, please contact me.

  • Stop The’Pocalypse! I Wanna Get Off! – Reviewed Winter 2017

    Carrie Bradshaw, the fictitious newspaper columnist in TV’s Sex and the City, almost certainly had her finger on the pulse when she said, “Maybe mistakes are what make our fate…without them what would shape our lives?” Bradshaw was no intellectual...

    Author: Christopher Ritchie

    Publisher: GB



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  • The Fortunes of Francis Barber – Reviewed Autumn/Winter 2015

    A young West Indian boy and a thick set man with a scarred face and shabby clothes, weave their way through a crowded grimy street in 18th century London, oblivious to the bemused stares of the passers’ by. The man is Doctor Samuel Johnson, poet, essayist...

    Author: Michael Bundock

    Publisher: Yale University Press


    £20.00 (Hardback)

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  • Journey in shades – Reviewed Summer 2015

    This first volume of poems by Ockham’s Mary Pargeter is an exquisite feast of childhood memories, states of love and life reflections. She writes with the lightness of petals falling on water, yet underscoring the mildness is an honesty that surprises...

    Author: Mary Pargeter

    Publisher: GBP


    £4.99 (Paperback)
    £3.99 (eBook)

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  • Smoothly From Harrow – Reviewed Summer 2015

    It’s Monday morning, the Woking to Waterloo train pulls in at the station and there’s standing room only in all the carriages! Sure it’s annoying but what can you do? Wait for the next one, (which might be even more crowded), or grin and bear the hassle...

    Author: Chris Moss

    Publisher: Blue Guides



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  • Perilous Question – Reviewed Summer 2015

    Antonia Fraser, (who I was lucky enough to interview at last month’s Surrey Heath Book Festival), turns the spotlight on one of the most volatile and extraordinary periods of nineteenth century British political history, with a narrative whose twists...

    Author: Antonia Fraser

    Publisher: Weidenfield & Nicholson


    20.00 (Hardback)
    £13.40 (Harback Amazon)
    £7.47 (Paperback Amazon)

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  • Ghostwritten – Reviewed Summer 2015

    Sunday Times Best Selling Author Isabel Wolf, (whose work was featured in May’s Surrey Heath Book Festival), has come up trumps again with her latest offering, Ghostwritten. When Jenni Clark agrees to ghost write the memoirs of Klara, a survivor of Japan’s...

    Author: Isabel Wolff

    Publisher: Harper


    £7.99 (£5.59 Amazon)
    £3.85 (Kindle Edition)

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  • I Stopped Time – Reviewed 2014

    A death bed confession, some black and white photographs, the disgraced politician living in retirement in the Surrey village of Shere and the young woman who befriends him after a casual conversation in the William Bray pub. Disparate, seemingly unconnected...

    Author: Jane Davis

    Publisher: Self Published via Amazon Createspace Ebook version available via Smashwords & Kobo


    £8.99 (Amazon: Price varies from month to month though it’s currently on sale at £7.64)
    £1.79 Ebook (Discounted from £1.99)

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  • What She Left – Reviewed Summer 2015

    Disappointment is an occupational hazard for a book reviewer. I’ve read more than my fair share of novels shamelessly hyped as “brilliant” and “unforgettable” that turn out to be as memorable as a visit to the bathroom! Hence my scepticism when...

    Author: TR Richmond

    Publisher: Penguin



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