The COVID 19 pandemic and the forced lockdowns that followed led to the majority of people working from home, ensuring they could balance the needs of their job with family life. However, in the post pandemic world governments are now calling on people to return to their offices and that message has become more urgent with the cost of living crisis and the growing risk of economic recession. Are people more productive when they work from home or the office? And will the government ultimately decide the working arrangements of the future? Juliette Foster explores these issues with the author, speaker, life coach and financial services professional Vinita Ramtri.

Global cross border payment flows are expected to reach more than $250 trillion by 2027. As the demand for fast, seamless transactions increases, new players are entering the competitive space with exciting technologies that could further revolutionise the way money is transacted. What’s behind the demand? How many more ways are there to pay money at speed, and how does the rivalry between banks and fintechs play into this dynamic? Juliette Foster explores these issues with payments expert and PaySavi founder, David Harrison.