Ghostwritten – Reviewed Summer 2015


Ghostwritten – Reviewed Summer 2015


Sunday Times Best Selling Author Isabel Wolf, (whose work was featured in May’s Surrey Heath Book Festival), has come up trumps again with her latest offering, Ghostwritten. When Jenni Clark agrees to ghost write the memoirs of Klara, a survivor of Japan’s Second World War internment camps, she is unprepared for the coincidences and parallels they will find in each others lives. Born decades apart, both women have suffered the agony of loss and the crushing burden of guilt yet while Klara is reconciled to her past Jenni has yet to face up to hers. The future happiness that lies so tantalisingly within her reach is dependent on whether she can free herself from the childhood trauma that has followed her into adulthood. Is there a way out of the emotional darkness or is Jenni fated to spend the rest of her life shadowed by regret? Ghostwritten is a harrowing, beautifully told story that explores the resilience of the human spirit whilst throwing a disturbing light on one of the most brutal and shameful episodes of World War 2.

Author: Isabel Wolff

Publisher: Harper


£7.99 (£5.59 Amazon)
£3.85 (Kindle Edition)

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